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a combining form meaning "evil," occurring in loanwords from Latin: malediction. Cf. mal-.

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male «mayl», noun, adjective.
1. a man or boy; male human being. Males belong to the sex that, when mature, produce sperm.
2. any animal of the same sex as a man or boy. A rooster is a male.
3. a) a flower having a stamen or stamens but no pistils. b) a plant bearing only flowers with stamens.
1. a) of or having to do with men or boys: »

the male love of fighting.

b) composed or consisting of men or boys: »

a male chorus.

2. of or belonging to the sex that can father young: »

a male dog. Bucks, bulls, and roosters are all male animals.

3. Botany. a) (of seed plants) having flowers which contain stamens but not pistils; staminate. b) able to fertilize the female. The same plant may have both male and female flowers.
4. designating the projecting part of a connection, machine, or the like, which fits inside a corresponding part: »

a male plug.

5. of superior strength or vigor: »

He is the most male of all these performers because he never weeps (Edmund Wilson).

[< Old French male, masle, and mascle < Latin masculus masculine (diminutive) < mās, maris male]
male´ness, noun.
Synonym Study adjective.1, 2, 3 Male, masculine, manly mean having to do with men or the sex to which they belong. Male applies to plants, animals, or persons, and suggests only sex: »

We have a male kitten.

Masculine applies to persons, things, or qualities, and suggests the characteristics (especially strength or vigor) more commonly associated with men and boys than women or girls: »

She had a brisk, masculine stride.

Manly suggests admirable characteristics such as courage and honor more likely to be found in a mature man than in a boy: »

The boy fought back with manly courage.

combining form. a variant of mal- (Cf.mal-), especially in borrowings from Latin, as in maledict.

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male-, prefix
see mal-.

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